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The BodyFix’s Recommended Therapy Products/ Top Picks 

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Dr. Mario Tolj

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

As a Chiropractor with over a decade of experience.. and now serving the Charleston/ Mount Pleasant Area, I’ve seen first hand how the right products can make a significant difference in my patients’ health and recovery. Today, I want to share some of my top recommendations based on years of clinical experience, the latest research… and even with my own personal use as well! These products have consistently proven their effectiveness in helping my patients, and myself, achieve better health outcomes.

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The Power of Knowledge: “Iced!” by Gary Reinl

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

One of the most impactful resources I recommend is actually a book! This book challenges long-held beliefs about treating injuries… without ice! “Iced!: The Illusionary Treatment Option” by Gary Reinl is a game-changer for anyone involved in sports, fitness, or healthcare.

For years, we’ve been told that icing is the go-to treatment for injuries. However, as Reinl meticulously explains, this practice may actually hinder the healing process1. Through my own clinical experience, I’ve observed that:

  • Patients who avoid icing tend to recover faster
  • Inflammation, often vilified, plays a crucial role in healing
  • Proper understanding of the body’s natural healing processes leads to better treatment strategies

This book has revolutionized my approach to injury management, and I’ve seen remarkable improvements in recovery times among patients who follow its principles.

Core Strength and Stability:

The Versatile Stability Ball

A stability ball is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I recommend to my patients. It’s an excellent tool for improving balance, core strength, and overall muscle tone2. I’ve found that regular use of a stability ball can:

  • Enhance posture and spinal alignment
  • Increase core engagement during everyday activities
  • Provide a low-impact option for strengthening exercises
Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

I highly recommend the Exercise Ball – Extra Thick Eco-Friendly & Anti-Burst Material. I’ve found this particular stability ball to be an excellent choice for my patients. Its premium, versatile design makes it perfect for a wide range of exercises, from yoga and pilates to core strengthening routines.

What sets this ball apart is its thick, non-slip, and ribbed body. This feature provides an exceptionally solid grip, which is crucial for maintaining proper form and safety during exercises. The ball’s PVC construction and matte surface offer durability and stability, even when you’re working up a sweat.

For those looking to improve their posture at work, this ball can double as a sitting chair, providing excellent back support. Its anti-burst material gives you peace of mind during your workouts or while using it as an office chair alternative.

The Benefits of a Quality Posture Brace

In our increasingly sedentary society, poor posture has become a significant health concern3. A good posture brace can be an excellent tool for retraining our upper back & neck muscles and improves our spinal alignment. While it’s not a standalone solution, when used in conjunction with targeted exercises, lifestyle changes, & proper care, I’ve seen patients experience:

  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Improved breathing and circulation
  • Increased energy levels and productivity

As a Doctor, I highly recommend the Comfy Brace posture corrector.

Here’s why I believe it’s an excellent choice for my patients:

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

Pain Relief and Improved Comfort

The Comfy Brace is designed to alleviate chronic back pain and make long periods of working or standing much more manageable.

Innovative and Versatile Design

This posture corrector features an orthopedically-designed structure that corrects posture comfortably. It’s suitable for chest sizes ranging from 30″ to 43″, making it versatile for various body types. The fully adjustable and breathable design allows for discreet wear under clothing, enabling you to maintain good posture throughout your day without discomfort.

Gradual Posture Improvement

I recommend starting with short periods of wear, about 5-10 minutes per day, and gradually increasing to one or two hours at a time. This approach helps retrain your muscles and develop correct posture habits naturally. Over time, you’ll likely notice improvements in your posture, overall appearance, and self-confidence.

Durable and Comfortable

The Comfy Brace is built to last, featuring high-quality stitching for durability. Despite its sturdy construction, it remains soft to the touch and breathable, avoiding the discomfort and skin irritation often associated with lower-quality posture correctors.

Overall, A posture brace should be used as a training tool, not a permanent crutch. When combined with targeted exercises and lifestyle changes, it can be an effective part of your journey toward better posture and reduced pain.

Muscle Recovery: The Magic of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has become an essential part of my recommended recovery routine4 for many patients. This simple tool can have profound effects on muscle health and flexibility. Regular foam rolling can:

  • Alleviate muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance blood flow to muscles, promoting faster recovery

I have four recommendations for foam rollers, each catering to different needs and experience levels:

1. Beginner-Friendly Soft Roller

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This roller is perfect for those new to foam rolling or dealing with sensitive areas:

  • Soft enough for beginners but still effective in penetrating tired muscles
  • Ideal for use with lower back pain, fibromyalgia, or heel spurs
  • Excellent for pre and post-exercise routines, increasing blood flow, and removing lactic acid
  • Provides relief for hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and calves
  • Suitable for runners, CrossFit athletes, yoga and Pilates practitioners, and general fitness enthusiasts
  • Great for foot arches, but avoid use on the spine or neck

2. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For those ready for a more intense experience:

  • Features a patented multi-density exterior over a rigid hollow core
  • Offers superior efficiency and durability
  • Maintains shape and integrity even with repeated use
  • Unique multi-dimensional surface improves flexibility, balance, and mobility

3. Multi Density Foam Roller

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For experienced users or those needing intense muscle work:

  • Provides deep tissue massage for maximum muscle relief
  • Ideal for athletes and those with chronic muscle tension
  • Helps improve flexibility and reduce recovery time
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use

When choosing a foam roller, consider your experience level and specific needs. Start with a softer roller if you’re new to the practice or have sensitive areas. As you become more comfortable with the technique, you can progress to firmer options for deeper tissue work. Remember, consistency is key to reaping the full benefits of foam rolling.

4. Foam Roller Kit

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This kit is perfect for those wanting a full-body recovery solution:

  • Includes a 12″ high-density foam roller, 15″ massage stick, peanut massage ball, plantar fasciitis ball, stretching strap, and carrying bag
  • Ideal for relieving muscle soreness, and stress, and rehabilitating injuries
  • High-density foam supports up to 300lbs without losing shape
  • Repels liquids for easy cleaning
  • A portable nylon mesh bag is included for easy transport

Back Support: Lumbar Braces & Heat Therapy

1. Sparthos Back Support Belt: Your Everyday Ally

As a chiropractor, I’ve seen countless patients struggling with lower back issues, it’s also the leading disability cause worldwide5. That’s why I’m excited to share three game-changing products that have consistently delivered remarkable results:

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

The Sparthos belt is a versatile solution for those seeking immediate relief from back pain, sciatica, or herniated discs. What sets it apart:

  • Breathable design with a targeted lumbar pad
  • Versatile enough for both work and home use
  • Suitable for men and women, ensuring a comfortable fit for all

Many of my patients report feeling an instant improvement in their posture and a significant reduction in pain levels when using this belt.

2. FREETOO Back Brace: Enhanced Stability Meets Comfort

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For those needing extra support, the FREETOO brace is a top contender. Its standout features include:

  • 6 integrated stays for superior lumbar stabilization
  • Anti-skid design to prevent slipping during movement
  • 16-hole mesh construction for optimal breathability

This brace is particularly effective for patients who spend long hours on their feet or engage in activities that strain the lower back.

3. Hyperice Venom 2 Back Wrap: The Heat Therapy Revolution

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

When it comes to combining support with advanced heat therapy, the Hyperice Venom 2 is in a league of its own:

  • Cutting-edge HyperHeat technology for rapid, uniform heating
  • Customizable heat and vibration settings for personalized relief
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy control via smartphone app

This wrap has been a game-changer for patients dealing with chronic back pain or those recovering from injuries. The combination of heat and vibration therapy can significantly accelerate the healing process.

Joint Support: Knee Braces

For patients dealing with knee osteoarthritis, sprains, inflammation, meniscus tears, ligament strains, etc… a good knee brace can make a world of difference! Based on recent research and my clinical observations, knee braces can:

  • Provide much-needed support and stability
  • Redistribute weight to alleviate pressure on affected areas
  • Reduce pain and improve mobility

I have two specific recommendations that have shown excellent results for my patients:

1. Dr. Brace Elite Knee Brace

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This brace offers comprehensive support for various knee issues:

  • Targeted Stabilization: Features upgraded patella gel pads and double-side stabilizers for maximum support.
  • Versatile Relief: Aids in medial and lateral stability, patella discomfort, meniscus issues, and minor ligament sprains.
  • All-Day Comfort: Made with lightweight, breathable fabric to prevent overheating and discomfort during extended wear.

Many of my patients with osteoarthritis have reported significant pain reduction and improved stability when using this brace.

2. Fit Geno’s ReActive+ Hinged Knee Brace

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This brace is particularly beneficial for those with more severe knee issues:

  • Maximum Support: Highly recommended for ACL, MCL, and other ligament problems.
  • Customizable Design: Features removable metal hinges and built-in side stabilizers for adjustable support.
  • Sports Medicine Approved: Maintains joint stability while allowing for necessary mobility during recovery or daily activities.

Patients recovering from knee surgeries or dealing with more complex knee issues often find this brace provides the perfect balance of support and flexibility.

Ergonomic Support: Lumbar Chair Pillows

Given how much time many of us spend sitting, proper lumbar support is crucial.6 A good lumbar pillow to add to your desk chair or even car seat can help maintain the natural curve of the spine, & reduce strain on the lower back. In my practice, I’ve seen that patients who use quality lumbar support pillows often experience:

  • Reduced lower back pain during prolonged sitting
  • Improved posture and spinal alignment
  • Increased comfort and productivity at work

1. SAMSONITE Lumbar Support Pillow

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This versatile pillow is perfect for both office chairs and car seats:

  • Never Flattens: High-grade memory foam maintains its shape even after extended use.
  • Balanced Support: Offers the perfect firmness for most adults, neither too soft nor too hard.
  • Ergonomic Design: The curved shape fits perfectly against your back for hours of comfort.

2. QUTOOL Lumbar Support Pillow

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This pillow is ideal for those who need adjustable, secure support:

  • Unique Design: Relieves pain in the upper, mid, and lower back while promoting proper posture.
  • Durable Construction: High-density memory foam retains its shape and comfort over time.
  • Secure Fit: Features two adjustable straps to keep the pillow firmly in place on any chair.
  • Breathable Cover: A 3D mesh cover ensures good air circulation and comfort in all seasons.

3. Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow Set

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For those needing comprehensive seating support:

  • Ergonomic Design: Both cushions are shaped to effectively relieve discomfort from prolonged sitting.
  • Thoughtful Details: The non-slip bottom on the seat cushion and adjustable straps on the lumbar pillow ensure stability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable, machine-washable covers for convenient cleaning.
  • Portable: Carrying handle on the seat cushion for easy transport.

When choosing a lumbar pillow, look for features like ergonomic design, memory foam construction, and adjustable straps to keep it securely in place on your chair. The right lumbar support can make a significant difference in your comfort and overall spinal health during long periods of sitting.

Resistance Training: Exercise Bands

Resistance & Exercise bands are versatile tools that I often recommend for both rehabilitation and strength training. They offer a range of benefits for patients at various fitness levels7.

Hip Bands

Hip bands, also known as glute bands or resistance bands, are excellent for targeting the lower body. In my experience, patients who incorporate hip bands into their routines often see:

  • Improved hip stability and strength
  • Enhanced glute activation and development
  • Better performance in lower body exercises

I have two specific recommendations that have shown excellent results for my patients:

1. Renoj Exercise Bands Set

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

These bands are ideal for those looking for durability and versatility:

  • Non-slip and Resistant: Maintains elasticity even after frequent use.
  • Versatile: Can be used with various workout equipment.
  • Multi-sport Application: Suitable for P9x, CrossFit, yoga, insanity, pilates, and beach body workouts.

2. Latex-Free Resistance Bands

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For those with sensitive skin or latex allergies, this set offers comfort and convenience:

  • Skin-Friendly: Can be used over clothes or on bare skin without pinching.
  • Portable: Includes a drawstring carry bag for easy transport.
  • Suitable for All: Great workout accessories for both women and men.

Pull-up/Exercise Bands

For upper-body and full-body workouts, pull-up bands are incredibly versatile. They’re particularly useful for:

  • Assisting in pull-ups and chin-ups for those building strength
  • Adding resistance to bodyweight exercises
  • Improving flexibility through assisted stretching
Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

I highly recommend the WSAKOUE Resistance Bands for their quality and versatility:

  • Natural and Durable: Made of 100% natural latex, ensuring softness, durability, and no unpleasant odors.
  • Long-lasting Elasticity: Maintains high elasticity even after years of use, providing consistent resistance for your workouts.
  • Multifunctional: Ideal for various exercises including pull-up assistance, press-ups, speed training, bench press, squats, and shoulder presses.

These bands are an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Their natural latex construction offers a superior feel and durability compared to synthetic alternatives.

Ergonomic Workspace: Standing Desks

With more people working from home, creating an ergonomic workspace is crucial8. Standing desks have become a go-to recommendation for many of my patients. Based on research and patient feedback, I’ve found that using a standing desk can lead to:

  • Increased energy levels and productivity
  • Reduced back pain associated with prolonged sitting
  • Improved posture and core engagement throughout the day
Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

After reviewing various options, I often recommend the Claiks Electric Standing Desk to my patients. Here’s why:

  • Ergonomic Design: Years of iteration have resulted in a trustworthy home office experience. The 48×24-inch workspace provides ample room for your work essentials.
  • Electric Height Adjustment: Featuring three preset buttons, you can easily customize your desk height from 28.3″ to 46.5″, accommodating both sitting and standing positions.
  • Exceptional Stability: Constructed with an industrial-grade steel frame, this desk can support up to 176 pounds, ensuring a stable work surface even at its maximum height.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of a black frame with a rustic brown top adds a touch of style to your home office.

This standing desk addresses many of the key factors I look for when recommending ergonomic workspace solutions. Its electric adjustment feature allows for smooth transitions between sitting and standing, encouraging more movement throughout the day.

The sturdy construction and ample weight capacity mean you can confidently place multiple monitors, keyboards, and other work essentials on the desk without worry.

When selecting a standing desk, it’s important to consider:

  1. Easy height adjustability for seamless transitions
  2. Sturdy construction to ensure stability at all heights
  3. Sufficient work surface to accommodate your specific needs
  4. Preset options for quick adjustments to your preferred heights

You know, getting a good standing desk can really be a game-changer for your health and how you work. It’s not just about comfort – though that’s a big plus. It’s about creating a workspace that keeps you moving and feeling good all day. Trust me, your body will thank you for it. Plus, you might find yourself getting more done!

It’s a smart move if you’re looking to make your work setup healthier and more active.

Neck Support: Cervical Pillows

Proper neck support during sleep is crucial for spinal health and pain management. I can’t stress enough how a good cervical pillow can make a world of difference in alleviating neck pain and stiffness, improving sleep quality, and maintaining proper cervical spine alignment! As a chiropractor, I’ve seen firsthand how the right pillow can transform a patient’s sleep experience and overall well-being. And even alleviate the usual every day neck pain & stiffness that some may experience.

When choosing a cervical pillow, it’s essential to consider your sleeping style. Whether you’re a back, side, or combination sleeper, your pillow should offer firm support while still being comfortable enough to promote restful sleep. The goal is to maintain a neutral spine position throughout the night, which can significantly reduce the risk of waking up with neck pain or headaches.

Here are some of my recommendations:

1. Osteo Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

The Osteo Cervical Pillow stands out with its innovative, patented hollow design. This unique feature cradles the head while maintaining the natural curve of the cervical spine. The hollow center is designed to help maintain good blood flow to your neck and head, effectively relieving pressure and reducing muscle tension.

2. Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

The Elviros Cervical Pillow takes a comprehensive approach to neck and shoulder support. Its contour design is specifically crafted to support and align your head, neck, shoulders, and back. This holistic approach can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Deep Tissue Therapy: Massage Guns

Massage guns have revolutionized the way we approach muscle recovery and pain management9. As a chiropractor, I’ve seen a significant increase in their popularity among my patients, and for good reason. These devices offer deep tissue massage that can effectively alleviate muscle tension and knots, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and enhance recovery after intense workouts.

I have three top recommendations for massage guns:

1. Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Black

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is an upgraded version of the original Hypervolt, and it’s truly impressive. This model is lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, with a newly designed ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use for extended periods. Its bluetooth capability allows for an even better user experience. This device can connect to your smartphone, allowing for customized massage routines and integration with fitness apps.

One of the standout features of the Hypervolt 2 is its Quiet Glide Technology. This allows for powerful percussion without the loud noise often associated with massage guns, making it ideal for use in shared spaces or while watching TV. The device offers three-speed settings, allowing users to customize their massage intensity.

The Hypervolt 2 comes with five different head attachments: fork, ball, cushion, flat, and bullet. This variety allows for targeted treatment of different muscle groups and types of muscle tension. Whether you’re dealing with large muscle groups like the quads or smaller, more sensitive areas like the neck, there’s an attachment suited for the job.

To use the Hypervolt 2, simply press and hold the power button at the bottom of the handle until the LED lights illuminate. You can then select your desired speed setting and begin your massage session.

2. Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For those who prioritize portability, the Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2 is an excellent choice. This compact and lightweight model is designed for on-the-go use, easily fitting into a gym bag or carry-on luggage.

Despite its small size, the Hypervolt Go 2 doesn’t compromise on power. It features the same Quiet Glide technology as its larger counterpart, allowing for effective massage without disturbing noise. This makes it perfect for use in various settings, from the office to the locker room.

One unique aspect of the Go 2 is that it won’t operate while connected to the charging cable. This safety feature ensures that the device is used cordlessly as intended. To turn it on, follow the same process as the Hypervolt 2: press and hold the power button until the LED lights illuminate, then select your desired speed setting.

3. Hypervolt Bluetooth

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

The Hypervolt Bluetooth model is a little more of your basic massage gun, but.. still with bluetooth capability. This device can connect to your smartphone, allowing for customized massage routines and integration with fitness apps.

Like the other Hyperice models, the Hypervolt Bluetooth features the patented QuietGlide technology, delivering powerful percussion massage without excessive noise. It offers three speed settings, controlled by a single button for easy operation during use.

This is powered by a brushless high-torque 60w motor, providing consistent and powerful performance. This model is particularly suited for those who want to take a data-driven approach to their recovery, as the Bluetooth connectivity allows for tracking and optimizing massage sessions.

Foot Care: Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massagers

For patients dealing with plantar fasciitis or general foot discomfort & pain, a good foot massager can be a game-changer. Regular use of a foot massager (or just massaging your foot) can reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis, improve circulation in the feet, and provide relaxation and stress relief10. When choosing a foot massager, look for one with multiple massage modes, adjustable heat settings, and the ability to target different areas of the foot.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis Relief by Theraflow

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

This foot roller massager offers targeted massage technology specifically designed for plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. Its key features include:

  • Dual reflexology technology for deep, soothing massage
  • Promotes better circulation and relaxation
  • Contoured design to fit the shape of your feet
  • Easy to use and store, making it convenient for daily use

2. Spiky Massage Balls for Feet, Back, Hands, Muscles

Dr. Tolj's Recommended Products

For a more versatile approach to foot care, these spiky massage balls offer:

  • Three different firmness levels for varying intensity
  • Ability to target specific areas of the feet, as well as other body parts
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean material
  • Portable design for use at home, office, or on-the-go
  • Suitable for various techniques including yoga, pilates, and reflexology

These massage balls provide a customizable experience, allowing users to adjust the intensity of their foot massage based on their comfort level and specific needs.

Both of these options offer effective relief for plantar fasciitis and general foot discomfort. The choice between them often comes down to personal preference and specific needs. The Theraflow roller provides a more targeted approach specifically for feet, while the spiky balls offer versatility for use on multiple body parts.


While these products can be incredibly helpful, it’s important to remember that they’re just one part of a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, and regular chiropractic care all play crucial roles in maintaining optimal health.

As always, I recommend consulting with me before starting any new treatment or using any health-related products. What works for one person may not be ideal for another, and personalized care is key to achieving the best results.

Remember, your health is an investment, not an expense. By choosing the right tools and approaches, you can significantly improve your quality of life and overall well-being. Here’s to your health!

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Dr. Mario Tolj

Dr. Mario Tolj, the founder and lead chiropractor at The BodyFix, is a passionate and dedicated healthcare professional. With extensive experience and advanced training in chiropractic care, he is committed to delivering personalized, comprehensive treatments that address the root cause of his patients' concerns. Dr. Tolj's patient-centric approach, combined with his expertise in cutting-edge techniques and whole-body wellness, has helped countless individuals achieve lasting relief and improved quality of life.