Disc Diease

We offer non-invasive solutions for disc disease, combining targeted therapies to reduce pain, improve spinal function, and support your body's natural healing process.

Conditions We Treat - Disc Disease
Conditions We Treat - Disc Disease

Common Symptoms

Achiness, Stiffness, Joint Restrictions, Lack of Range of Motion, Shooting Pain in Back or Neck, Stabbing or Burning Sensation, Swelling & Redness, Hot & Cold Sensations, Intense Pain.

Common Diagnosis

Degenerative Joint Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Discitis, Disc Herniation, Disc Bulge, Disc Protrusion, Disc sequestration, Disc Extrusion, etc.*

*Every Patient is different. Examination will dictate proper diagnosis per individual.

Dr. Mario Tolj, DC, CCSP

Mario's Approach in Treating Disc Disease

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At the Bodyfix, we properly examine and diagnose each Patient. Each treatment involves a unique blend of care including, but not limited to: Traction/Distraction, Variety of Soft Tissue Techniques, Chiropractic Adjustments, Class IV Laser Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Decompression & a customizable Rehab approach.

Disc Disease FAQs

Exploring Common Questions and Answers About Disc Disease.

  • What is a disc protrusion?

    A disc protrusion occurs when the outer layer of a spinal disc weakens, allowing the inner gel-like material to bulge outward. This can put pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain and other symptoms.

  • Will chiropractic hurt my disc herniation?

    We believe certain chiropractic methods may hurt rather than help disc herniations. That’s why our techniques are meticulously adapted for disc issues. Our disc-specific protocols promote healing while avoiding any risky maneuvers that could exacerbate the condition.

  • Is my disc causing my shooting pain down the back of my leg?

    The shooting leg pain you’re experiencing could very likely be caused by a protruding disc pressing on the sciatic nerve. This radiating pain down the back of the leg is a telltale sign of sciatica from a herniated lumbar disc.

  • Can we reverse a disc protrusion?

    While chiropractic maintains spinal alignment, our decompression protocols can suction protruding discs back toward their center, though likely not a complete reversal. However, we have seen millimeters of protrusion reduction through this therapy, alleviating symptoms and preventing further progression.

The BodyFix Chiropractic Method: Examine, Tailor, Treat, Reinforce

Our Process

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  1. History & Examination

    We start by asking tailored to specific questions to ensure an accurate diagnosis for creating tailored treatment plans. Without the right diagnosis, positive patient outcomes are compromised.

  2. Tailor

    Provide a 360-degree journey of the human body tailored to each individual's health needs, focusing mainly but not limited to the musculoskeletal system.

  3. Treat

    Deliver comprehensive treatments in a 15-20 minute timeframe, addressing multiple anatomical structures to produce more efficient, faster, and longer-lasting results.

  4. Reinforce/Rehab

    Reinforce Send patients home with rehab homework to solidify the changes made during the in-office treatment and promote lasting relief.

Overcome Disc Disease Discomfort

Restore Function

Experience the difference targeted chiropractic care can make in managing disc disease. Schedule your visit at The BodyFix now or explore our special offers to begin your path to better spinal health today.

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