Back Pain

The BodyFix team develops personalized treatment plans to alleviate back pain, addressing the root cause of your discomfort and promoting long-term spinal health.

Conditions We Treat - BackPain
Conditions We Treat - BackPain

Common Symptoms

Pain Shooting down legs, Achiness, Stiffness or Tightness, Soreness, Pinched or Sharp feeling, Numbness & Tingling, Loss of Strength, Can’t Bend Twist or Reach, Localized Pain, Post Surgical Pain.

Common Diagnosis

Arthritis, Disc Bulge/Herniation/Protrusion, Stenosis, Facet Syndrome, Cervicogenic Headaches, Radiculopathy, Neck Sprain/Strain, Stiff Neck, Whiplash, Torticollis, Spinal Fusion, etc.* 

*Every Patient is different. Examination will dictate proper diagnosis per individual.

Dr. Mario Tolj, DC, CCSP

The BodyFix's  Approach in Treating Back Pain

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At the Bodyfix, we properly examine and diagnose each Patient. Each treatment involves a unique blend of care including, but not limited to: Traction/Distraction, Variety of Soft Tissue Techniques, Chiropractic Adjustments, Class IV Laser Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Decompression & a customizable Rehab approach.

Frequently asked questions

Exploring Common Questions and Answers About Back Pain.

  • Why can’t I bend forward or backwards?

    Difficulty bending forward or backward can be due to muscle spasms, joint restrictions, disc problems, or nerve irritation. A comprehensive evaluation can help identify the specific cause and guide treatment.

  • Will I always have this stiffness in my lower back?

    Not necessarily. With proper treatment and care, stiffness in the lower back can be reduced or eliminated. However, the duration of treatment and outcome may vary depending on the underlying condition.

  • How do you treat disc protrusions or spinal fusions?

    While disc issues may be addressed through our full range of therapies, spinal fusions with plates and bolts strictly cannot receive chiropractic adjustments or decompression traction. For fused spines with hardware, we pivot our methods to focus on supporting the surrounding musculature.

  • Is my Sciatica always coming from my lower back?

    While sciatica is often associated with low back problems, it can also be caused by issues in the hip, pelvis, or piriformis muscle. A thorough examination can help pinpoint the origin of your sciatica.

  • Why do steroid injections only help for so long?

    In our professional medical opinion, steroid injections only provide temporary relief by reducing inflammation. As their effects wear off, symptoms return if the underlying root cause remains unaddressed.

  • Can this pain get worse?

    Yes, low back pain can worsen if not properly managed. Timely intervention and following a comprehensive treatment plan can help prevent the condition from progressing.

The BodyFix Chiropractic Method: Examine, Tailor, Treat, Reinforce

Our Process

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  1. History & Examination

    We start by asking tailored to specific questions to ensure an accurate diagnosis for creating tailored treatment plans. Without the right diagnosis, positive patient outcomes are compromised.

  2. Tailor

    Provide a 360-degree journey of the human body tailored to each individual's health needs, focusing mainly but not limited to the musculoskeletal system.

  3. Treat

    Deliver comprehensive treatments in a 15-20 minute timeframe, addressing multiple anatomical structures to produce more efficient, faster, and longer-lasting results.

  4. Reinforce/Rehab

    Reinforce Send patients home with rehab homework to solidify the changes made during the in-office treatment and promote lasting relief.

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