Are You Afraid Of Chiropractic?

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Dr. Mario Tolj

Are You Afraid Of Chiropractic

So… you’ve been to multiple healthcare practitioners… and you’re constantly taking a multitude of medications to ease pain that you can’t seem to kick to the curb. So nothing is helping and now you’re looking to try anything. Chiropractic comes to mind but you’re dreading that direction because of a little fear you may or may not have.

Many individuals are scared to go to a chiropractor for many reasons. Maybe you are scared of having your neck and back adjusted and having it hurt. Or maybe you heard about or had a bad experience with another chiropractor. Or you just simply feel that popping your back won’t have any benefit to you whatsoever… and you think to yourself, why would I pay for that if I can just do that on myself? Do any of these sound like something you’re feeling?

I was there once myself.

I always consider myself a Patient before a Doctor as I once had a hard time trusting in Chiropractic. Until I was looking for a last resort and tried it myself. After my result, I immediately trusted it as a legitimate profession and craft. Rest assured, every Chiropractor is different, and I can promise that Chiropractic is safe and can have so many benefits to your life pain-free or not.

Chiropractic doesn’t have to be scary or whacky anymore! Definitely, in the early years, I thought of it as cultic or dogmatic but over the years the profession has gained much respect through medical journals and scientific trials.

I have learned to better my craft through research and experience, and with my approach at The BodyFix, I don’t just apply those “Pops” and “Cracks.” Matter of fact, those pops and cracks are called adjustments, and it’s the SOUND of the adjustments that may be scary. But all we are striving to do in the end is get you a functional range of motion. We are NOT moving bones, but rather the connection between the bones (joints).

Treatments of The BodyFix Method don’t focus solely on those adjustments. I created my method because of the benefits of having more than just a pop! I take a look at the bigger picture within your body. I don’t want to give you that 3-minute pop and leave you out the door. I want to analyze the discomfort and pain that your body may be feeling every visit. And then I treat every part that may be restricted- which includes joints, muscles, fascia, nerves, and even scar tissue.

I have seen what people want and love, and with this logical approach, patients appreciate what we are trying to accomplish. The accomplishment is long-lasting stability… NOT just a bandaid solution.

Here’s a breakdown of my treatment to ease your nerves (literally and figuratively). From the moment you walk in the door, it’s about YOU. First and foremost, we want you to TRUST us that the care we are providing is based upon your needs and wants. We by all means do not need to make any adjustments that you may be nervous to get.

During treatment, the focus is on movement patterns that are deficient. With this mind frame, every structure as mentioned before becomes treatable. Quite honestly the adjustment part is easy, the difficult part is seeing the overall picture of how your body moves … and then treating the root cause. I don’t want your pain to just go away temporarily, but my goal is to KEEP it away.

I will of course give my professional opinion on what I feel may benefit you to help with your process of becoming pain-free, but again, it’s all about what you want and your experience. The techniques that I learn are not for my own ego but more for having a variety of ways to accomplish the goal I set out for each patient. So during your initial visit and beyond, Ask all the questions possible and EXPRESS your feelings so we can align with you and make sure you feel comfortable.

We pride ourselves in patient EDUCATION. By no means do I consider myself perfect. And if there is something I don’t know, I will direct you to someone who does. All in all, I can never promise a 100% resolution of your issues. But what I can promise is 100% out of myself and my staff.

Don’t Be Afraid…Try Chiropractic… Try The BodyFix Method!

Dr. Mario Tolj

Dr. Mario Tolj, the founder and lead chiropractor at The BodyFix, is a passionate and dedicated healthcare professional. With extensive experience and advanced training in chiropractic care, he is committed to delivering personalized, comprehensive treatments that address the root cause of his patients' concerns. Dr. Tolj's patient-centric approach, combined with his expertise in cutting-edge techniques and whole-body wellness, has helped countless individuals achieve lasting relief and improved quality of life.

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